25 ways how to support your equestrian sponsors this season

As we kick off the 2022 equestrian season, here's 25 ways/ideas a Sponsored Equestrian can support their sponsor this season. By working in partnership with your sponsor both can benefit from this partnership opportunity. 


  1. Make sure you LIKE & FOLLOW your sponsor's social media posts. Adding a comment of your own and a Like is a great way to help with your sponsors post engagement as well as highlighting your profile to others.

  2. Post a photo/video on your own social channels of your favourite product and include a caption why you love it!

  3. Update your social bios and include a mention/tag to your sponsors account and their branded #hashtag

  4. Share a recent success or past achievement of using a sponsors product and how it helped you

  5. Share the story on how you discovered your sponsors products and how your sponsorship agreement came about

  6. Create a bespoke post for each of your sponsors, tagging them individually on a single post is more beneficial for your sponsor than a single post with multiple brands contained

  7. Use stories/shorts to give a shoutout to a sponsor, partially if you used a product after a big competition 

  8. Share your plans of the season with your sponsors, keep them up to date with your plans, latest news etc..

  9. Write a product review for your sponsor via their website on a product you have used personally and recommend

  10. Organise a photoshoot of you and your horses, sponsors are always in need of new and engaging content for their channels, snapping a photo when at a competition is a great way to share your success 

  11. Wear your sponsors branded clothing/saddlepads whilst training and competing, its a great way to provide visibility round the arenas for your sponsor

  12. Recommend and tell your friends about your sponsor's product and how it could benefit them and why

  13. Ask for a discount code from your sponsor to share on you social accounts and with friends to generate new sales 

  14. Photograph photos/videos of your sponsors products in and around the stables, they are always in need of new and engaging content and it gives you new content to share on your own posts

  15. Create a sponsors highlight reel on Instagram so you can save your stories 

  16. Record a day in a life, short video clips provide a great way for your sponsors to share on their account about you 

  17. Record a video of your horses and an introduction of the team, another great way for your sponsors to share on their account about you

  18. Invite Facebook friends to your sponsors FB page 

  19. Seen a post in a FB group where you think your sponsors product will add value, drop a comment on the post and provide a recommendation, use an image with a before and after if you can to enhance the results of using the product 

  20. Arrange to meet your sponsor at events they are attending, offer to help on their stand and meet and greet new customers 

  21. Invite your sponsor to a competition you are attending so they can see you in person, great for networking and getting to know the people behind the brand

  22. Host a competition/giveaway for your sponsor to your followers, perhaps a free product or a discount code 

  23. Write a blog on your sponsors website, perhaps a competition review or a monthly review posting about what you have been up to etc.. 

  24. Ask to help with any product development and testing, provide your expertise to your sponsor with early feedback 

  25. Ask you sponsor for marketing material such as flyers, coupons that you can hand out at events/training 
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