What Breed Of Horses Do The Household Cavalry Use?

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, which is responsible for mounted duties and ceremonies specific breeds of horses can vary, but some of the more common breeds include:

  1. Irish Draught: This breed is known for its strength, stamina, and calm temperament, making them suitable for ceremonial duties. They are often used by the Queen's Guard and the Household Cavalry.

  2. Irish Draught Crosses: These horses result from crossing Irish Draughts with other breeds, such as Thoroughbreds or various Warmbloods, to produce horses with a balance of strength, athleticism, and temperament suited to ceremonial roles.

  3. Cleveland Bay: This versatile breed is used for ceremonial purposes and driving carriages, thanks to its strength and stamina.

  4. Household Cavalry Blacks: This term refers to black horses that meet specific height and conformation requirements, rather than a distinct breed. They are used by the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment for ceremonial duties, such as the Changing of the Guard.

  5. Friesian: Known for their elegant appearance and black color, Friesians can be used for ceremonial purposes, although they are less common compared to Irish Draughts and Household Cavalry Blacks.

  6. Warmbloods: Breeds like the Dutch Warmblood, Hanoverian, and Oldenburg may be used in some instances for their athleticism and elegant appearance.

What Breed Of Horses Do The Household Cavalry Use?

It is important to note that the specific breed of horse used can depend on the task at hand and the particular unit involved. Different regiments may have different preferences or requirements for their horses.

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